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I received two beautiful nature postcards last week.

This orangutan postcard comes from nisnoopy in Malaysia. She writes about the time she got to hold a baby orangutan. Apparently they are very, very heavy! I did not realize this, but orangutans are only found on two islands: Borneo and Sumatra. The word ‘orangutan’ means man of the forest in the Malay language.

This second card comes from xuh98 in China and shows many of the modifications that plants have evolved to adapt to their surroundings. The printing is so small that it is very hard to read any of the text, though. It’s still a great postcard.

This card come with some animal stamps:

They show pandas, which seem very Chinese, and camels, which I do not generally associate with China.

The stamp from Malaysia isn’t very nature related, but it shows their first submarine, named after the first prime minister:

I was quite pleased to receive these cards. They will definitely get a spot on my wall so I can look at them often.