I’m going to try to post more often about what I’m sending as well as receiving. Last week I sent out this great Maggie Simpson postcard to the Missive Maven, who I understand enjoys the Simpsons.

And it includes the matching Maggie stamp from the Simpsons commemorative stamps released a few years ago:

I think Maggie might be my favorite character, though I do quite like Lisa. Some of my favorite episodes revolve around Maggie, and there’s something so mesmerizing about how much she communicates without talking. I also love the flashforward episodes when she’s an adult and still doesn’t get a chance to speak!

If you’re a fan of the Simpsons, too, you should check out The Dead Homer Society, who recently linked to the Barney Gumble postcard I received. They do a great Simpsons quote of the day (with pictures!)