I received this great card today, but unfortunately, I can’t keep it! This card was sent for swap-bot’s Please Write Back swap, where everyone sends out a card in an envelope and the recipient writes on it and sends it back. So I tracked down where we can buy some of our own!

These vintage-style poster cards are designed by Steve Thomas and you can get this card and many more from his Zazzle shop. I love the advertisement for asteroid zip line tours! This North Pole card would be great to send Christmas greetings, and it’s not too late to get some for this holiday!

I’ve read lots of profiles and threads on the Postcrossing forum that express dissatisfaction with the quality of self-print services like Zazzle, but based on the card I received, the quality is quite nice. I couldn’t tell it was a Zazzle card until I went looking for publisher information on it. The card is thick, has nice smooth printing and a good writing surface, and is generally indistinguishable from a typical card you might buy in a shop.
I’m planning to get some of these cards for myself. What do you think of these postcards?