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I’d been waiting and waiting for the second card from the Pawn off a PC swap to arrive before I realized the ugly truth: I’d been flaked on. How sad, especially for a swap where you can send any old, ugly card. The whole point was to send a card you didn’t know what to do with! Anyway, I don’t want to linger on that, but rather on how great the swap coordinator, SecretSquirrel is.

First of all, she was my partner for this swap, so she sent out this card:

You might recognize it as one of the cards from Ray Fenwick’s postcard book, which I reviewed a few weeks ago. Most of the cards in that book are not my kind of weird, but this one is just my kind of weird! So hooray for that.

Then, when it was obvious that my other swap partner was a no-good flaker, she sent another card:

An Oklahoma map to help my collection!

So, I’ve learned that for every person who is irresponsible or greedy or otherwise no fun, there is another who is helpful and kind and generally great. Thank you Secret Squirrel! You keep my faith in humanity high : )

You should check out her blog, My Happy Mailbox. She receives a lot of great cards and other mail, and is more on top of posting about them than I am.