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I’ve been adding a lot of new countries to my received map this week, but this card comes from the most exotic country yet: Tanzania.

This card is special in so many ways: it’s from a neat new country, it has one of my favorite animals on it, and it was sent by a Tanzanian girl named Naomi. I received this postcard through the help of Hearts in Unity, a charity organization that provides school supplies, clothes, and food to children in Tanzania. If anyone needs help, it’s people in Tanzania. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world, and half their population is under the age of 15. By donating just $5, I bought some school supplies for Naomi and received this lovely postcard.

Please check out their website; there are lots and lots of ways to help this project. For those who like postcards, you can donate $5 (or more) and receive a card from Tanzania, or send your own greeting to the children there. If you like to knit or sew, they will take donations of knitted hats and hand-made school bags, as well as yarn and fabric scraps.

They do seem to have a Christian-religious orientation, which I am generally opposed to, since I am a very secular person. However, their message and mission of hope and caring transcends religions, and I think it is most important to help those who are less fortunate, without regard to personal beliefs.

I always like it when my postcard hobby can help make the world better. Have you had any experience with Hearts in Unity? Do you know of other ways postcards can help the world? Please share in the comments!