I know, I know, I said I was taking a break until Tuesday. But I finished one paper and the deadline for the second has been extended, so I think I can take a breath to share what I’m sending out through postcrossing this Friday.

This first card shows a bromide print from the Royal Photographic Society. It is titled Portrait of Pavlova and was taken in 1912! This card is going to Tanya in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This second card, an untitled paper collage by Rex Ray, is going to a postcrosser in Beijing, China. This user’s profile was completely empty, so I have no idea what she might like. I’m probably going out on limb with this modern art, but I often use these cards when I have no idea what a person likes. They might think it’s ugly, but at least it probably won’t be offensive.

On another note, I never know if I’m rotating these Rex Ray cards correctly. Does anyone know which way is up?