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So, many of you in the United States have probably just spent a long weekend traveling to meet family, or having family come to you, for that great holiday called Thanksgiving. I spent a weekend eating too much, shopping, and spending time with family. I also got some postcards from my family:

This first card comes from my aunt Susan, who lives in New Mexico. She writes to wish me a happy Thanksgiving and to support the blog! Apparently, you can have a ‘darn good meal’ at this café. It looks like fun! Thanks, aunt Susan!

The second card is also from the Southwest, and was sent by my mum during her layover in Phoenix while traveling here to Portland. She wanted to help out with my project to collect all 50 state map cards. The airport in Phoenix doesn’t have any mailboxes in the terminal, so my mum asked a “really nice lady” named Tonga to mail the card for her, so she wouldn’t have to go through security a second time. Tonga must be a really nice lady, because the card arrived quickly and safely! Thanks Mum and Tonga!