Somehow, everyone seems to end up with unwritten cards from places they’ve never been. It feels weird to send these to people, unless you join a swap specifically for sending these cards! The “Nope, I’ve never been there” swap was just the thing. For this swap, as well as sending a card from a place you’d never been, everyone chose to write about whether they would like to visit the place, or to make up a silly, over-the-top story about a fictitious visit. I went the latter route, but all my partners chose the former. I was hoping for some silly stories, but learning about places where people want to visit is interesting, too.

Australia was a popular choice for places people want to visit. Australia is pretty neat, but as one partner said, they have scary fauna there! So many poisonous things. I don’t know how well I could relax there, but I would like to see some kangaroos in their natural habitat.

This sender would like to visit Disneyworld in Florida, even though she lives not far from Disneyland in California!

This card comes from outside the USA. The sender has never been to the States but would like to go someday.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how much I want to travel. Sometimes I think that I want to travel just to get neat, new postcards, though!