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It’s always good to have goals, but so frustrating when you make a lovely little to-do list and then never do anything on the list. But if you write it on a postcard and then send it off to someone else… Anyway, this swap-bot swap was for just that: write your weekly to-do list on a postcard and mail it off. My card came from my ‘neighbor’, fellow Portlander LeSillyMe.

This card features the art of Barbara Kruger and is somewhat disturbing. I like the to-do list she’s put together. One of the items is to make cookies! I want that on my to-do list : )

And since one of the things on my list is to get more of my received cards up on this blog, here’s a card from the Just Send it swap:

This one comes from Rae in Seattle. I am so behind on posting some of these cards that not only did I send a card back in response, but she has already responded to the card with a letter, and I have written a response to the letter. All before the original card made it up. But I guess I’m young and I have time.

The painting on this card is called ‘Entombment/Deposition’ and is by Jacopo Pontormo.