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I had a lot of unused 80¢ stamps that I really wanted to put on some postcards, so I arranged some swaps with Canadian postcrossers. These are the first four cards I received from Canada:

The Canadian flag comes from Pierre, in Ontario.

This view of Old Montréal comes from Hélène in (you guessed it) Montrèal, Québec!

The map of Canada and the totem pole come from Julie in British Columbia. The description on the totem pole card is great:

This pole in the Alert Bay cemetary was carved by Arthur Shaughnessy, commissioned by Mrs. Tom Patch for her memorial. Unsatisfied with the size of the figure’s hat she refused to pay for it, and it was abandoned on the beach. Years later some locals raised it at her grave, and eventually friends put a tire around the carved hat, enlarging it in accordance with her original wishes.

And, as with any new postcards from a new country, there are many stamps to share!

This fox stamp is so adorably small! It is about the size of a US quarter.

I made a map of the countries from where I’ve received cards. The Americas are looking rather scant! I have only received cards from the US and Canada. I have to get working on that!