I sent an official Postcrossing card today, and the receiver said she likes CHRISTMAS (yes, in all capital letters), so I pulled out my Happy Animal Time postcard book, which has a number of winter-themed cards:

I am already extremely excited about Christmas/winter holidays. It’s only two weeks until Thanksgiving, but yesterday I busted out the holiday songs when I was cleaning up. I really enjoy a good rendition of Sleigh Bells when I’m sweeping. It always gets me in a cheerful mood.

I know that many people do not celebrate Christmas, and some don’t celebrate any holidays. I hope that my Christmas-excitement does not offend you. I’m not religious, and I don’t celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, even though it is one. I love it because I love the chance to see my family and cook for them, and sit with them by the fire and watch Christmas movies that we have watched together since I was an infant. I celebrate Christmas to celebrate that we’ve made it through another year, and we are lucky enough to share gifts and a good meal together, and I hope this is something that everyone feels that they can celebrate.