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I received a card from Chiaki in Japan today!

So many kinds of sushi! I don’t eat meat anymore, but I do confess, I have a soft spot for sushi. Only on very special occasions will I break my vegetarian diet to have a plate of delicious tuna or salmon nigirizushi. I suppose that doesn’t make me a true vegetarian, but if I’m going to be looked down on for eating anything, sushi is worth it.

This lovely little card came with lovely little stamps:

Hello Kitty has her own stamp! Too freaking cute. Receiving this post card made me miss Japan so much. Now that I am back into letter writing, I wish that when I visited (over four years ago, my how the time flies!) I had scooped up all the adorable and wonderful stationery sets that I could find. They were everywhere, and I should have filled my suitcase with them. Maybe I will return…