I didn’t receive any cards today, but I did send two.

This is an official postcrossing card to the Netherlands. It’s from the postcard book Happy Animal Time by Junzo Terada (Chronicle Books). The recipient says that she likes Hello Kitty, and though I don’t have any Hello Kitty cards, I think this card has a similar cuteness. And I put some Hello Kitty stickers on the back for good measure.

This card is going to Seattle, in response to a swap-bot card that said “I’d love to hear back from you!” The recipient is about my age and originally from Portland, and seems to like letters and mail just as much as I do. I’m hoping for a pen-friendship in the future?

Of course, I didn’t write down what the picture on this card is before dropping it in the mailbox. I believe it is a photograph of a temple in India. If anyone recognizes it, please let me know!