Amazingly, I did not receive a single postcard today. I was able to pick up a nice package today, although it came on Saturday (I can’t pick up any mail too big to fit in my mail slot on weekends; I have to wait for the mail room window to open Monday morning). Inside the package I found many, many, many stamps!

I’ve discovered that eBay can be a great resource for older, unused stamps, which can often be purchased below face value. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to save money on postage: USPS sets a price and they don’t circulate coupons. So stamps from eBay are a good option, plus I can get designs that aren’t available anymore.

In all, I got 9 different sheets of stamps. The seller threw in an extra sheet, just for fun, I guess. Here are my favorites:

I’ll have to get some 10¢ and 1¢ stamps to bring them up to the current 1st class postage rate. I’m hoping to line up some letter-writing pals that would appreciate neat stamps on their letters.

Now all I need is something to take away the taste of stamp glue. All of these sheets predate the peel and stick stamps that we have today!

See all the new stamps in the gallery:

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