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This weekend was Parent Weekend at my college. Parents from all over came to sit in on classes and make sure their children are studying, rather than “studying.” My parents are waiting until Thanksgiving to visit (November 24th for those of you not in the USA), but I did get two postcards from them this week.

The first one is from the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA. My parents were visiting with my grandparents, who live near Philadelphia, and they sent the card from Atlantic City, New Jersey. I would think that they’re frolicking at the beach without me, but I’m pretty sure that it’s ice cold there, so I’m not too jealous.

I’ve actually been to the Constitution Center, on a field trip. It was very educational, but mostly I remember that they had voting booths set up (democracy in action!) and you could cast your vote on all manner of issues. I remember playing around with them and hiding behind the curtain from my two friends (what can I say, we were in middle school).

This second card is a handmade card from my mum. It’s covered in cancelled stamps from France and Singapore. I’m told that one of the faces on the French stamps is not like the other faces, but I cannot honestly tell which one is different. Maybe you will spot it?