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Official Postcrossing cards can be somewhat frustrating sometimes. Cramming as much of one’s life onto that small space on the back can be difficult, but the glimpses of other people’s lives that I read are often fascinating and make me wanting more. Postcrossing isn’t set up to facilitate that kind of reciprocity, though. I do like the karmic, cyclical reciprocity of the current system; in fact, I was a bit annoyed when I received an official card that said “write back, I like to receive cards, too,” as if the sender’s receipt of cards depended on me alone. But it does make me wonder terribly about the people on the other end of the postbox, especially when they write cryptic little gems like the one from this official card:

I think this is the most philosophical postcard I have received yet. The front was great, too:

I love sailing and classic tall ships. I don’t think I even mention this in my profile, so it’s especially amazing that the sender choose a card that I love so much! How prescient.