Dressing up postcards with stickers and stamps is always fun. A recent swap-bot swap was focused on postcards with stickers. The card I received was nicely coordinated:

The lovely cheetahs from the Smithsonian’s zoo, lounging on the front of the card.

And one of the cheetah stickers on the back. You can’t tell from this picture, but the sticker has a sparkly background. There was a second cheetah sticker on the card, too, which was one of those stickers that change the picture when you tilt it. It was too hard to get a picture of that one, though.

Cheetahs are really neat; their spines are extremely flexible which is what allows them to run so fast, because they can have very long strides. It’s something you can’t really appreciate when they are lounging in a zoo, or on a postcard. Maybe someday I will get to a see a cheetah up close and in action, but I hope that they’re running away from me, not toward me!