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I received two different postcards from the same postcrossing user in Estonia. The odd thing is, they were sent on the same day, but I received them on two different days. The post office is funny sometimes:

This is a lovely view from the Patkul terrace in Tallinn. The sender writes about her cats, named Panther and Ilves, which means lynx.

The next day this Estonian flag postcard arrived. The first card had such a happy message about cats, but on this card the sender wrote about how, under the Soviet Union, displaying this flag was banned and punishable by imprisonment. Reading this postcard made me so thankful that for my whole life, and the lives of my parents and grandparents, too, we have lived in a country that encourages freedom of speech and freedom of culture. We do not have to worry that we will be sent to prison for celebrating our heritage. I know that there are some in the United States who do want to suppress the cultures and religions of other people, especially people who are new here. I really hope that they stop, because expressing who you are and where you come from should not be an act of defiance.

Well, that was my little sociopolitical rant; now have a look at these neat stamps!