I suppose that everyone swapping postcards over the internet is relying on the kindness of strangers, since we never do know that our swap will be reciprocated, or if we will send away something that we put a lot of love into and get a chunk of cardboard in return. But sometimes people are especially nice and offer something without expecting much or anything in return. On the postcrossing forums, CaptainSoul is offering some more free postcards (last time, it was lighthouse postcards), this time, in an envelope. I got a nice fat envelope today, with these stashed inside:

Quechee Gorge, Vermont

Morro Bay, California

All these are for me to keep. There was a fifth postcard, already addressed back to the sender, for me to drop in the mail and send back:

Woolacombe, England

And that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’ve already scribbled a little note on it, and will drop it off in the mailbox after breakfast. It is such a little bit to do to get such nice cards in return.