My 20th sent card was received today, so now I can send 6 cards at a time! Postcrossing has been very annoying lately. Recently I’ve had almost all of my cards traveling to Russia or Brazil, both of which have slow post. My card to Brazil was recently registered after 46 days, and I have a card to Russia that is traveling for 45 days. This would be less annoying if it weren’t for the cards like the one to Germany (43 days now) or Utah (22 days!) I’m afraid that these might be the first of my cards to expire.

But I am too excited about my ability to send 6 cards at once now, so I sent off two cards:

Roger Dean "Yellow City"

This one is being sent all the way to Eugene, Oregon (a whopping 105 miles!) I hope that I can send it early enough today that it will get there in only one or two days.

Albert Einstein

This card is going to Moscow, Russia, to a user who specifically requested Einstein cards. I practiced my Cyrillic writing for the address on this card. I hear that addressing the cards to Russia in Russian helps them arrive faster. I certainly hope that’s true, but I still think it will take a while. At least my faith in Postcrossing is slightly improved.