I found out about Postmuse’s Orphaned Postcard Project a few weeks ago and right away picked out some cards to adopt. Basically, I picked a few cards from Postmuse’s database of lonely, unwritten cards, she sent them to me already addressed in an envelope, I wrote a little message on them and sent them back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I sent them a little while ago, so hopefully they’ve made their way back by now, or are close to it. Here’s what I sent/received:

A funky view of the town I now call home. I think that the Marriott Hotel you can see in this picture is the same one I stayed in the very first time I visited Portland, long before I knew I would be staying here so long.

And an awesome view of Giza with a very spiffy camel! I have never been to Egypt, but I requested this card because it is one of my top places to visit next time I have the time or money to travel. There is just something so alluring about the pyramids, temples, and hieroglyphs. I don’t really think they were put there by aliens, but ancient Egypt evokes the same eerie fascination as a good sci-fi story!

For the full story behind these postcards, and many others adopted by people from all over, check out Postmuse’s Orphaned Postcard Project. And consider adopting some cards for yourself! Postcards hate to be lonely.