As many of you may have heard, the postal service is in trouble, at least in the USA. Post offices are closing; delivery on Saturdays might be suspended; next thing you know, they’ll stop delivering in snow and rain (which would effectively halt mail here in Portland).

It’s hardly the internet that’s killing the post office; after all, if it weren’t for the internet, I would find it much harder to find postcard swap partners! I probably wouldn’t be sending mail at all. Mostly it’s the recession, and some poorly advised bills dictating how the postal service is run. I don’t want to get too far into it, because this is a fun blog about postcards, not politics.

So in keeping with that theme, here are some beautiful postcards that you can print out, made by Elisabeth at Afternoon Pity Party:

That’s just one of three lovely cards that you can print out on some cardstock, put a stamp on, and put in the mail to show your support for snail mail! Get the printable here:
Afternoon Pity Party – Illustrations and Interesting Things: Free Printable Postcards: Save America’s Postal Service.

And for more information about the postal service decline, see Save the Post Office and also Send the Love for what you can do to help. I think these postcards would make a good medium for letters to representatives and others who have the (legislative) power to save the post office!