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You know that your blog has hit the big-time when even your own family starts reading : ) My parents wanted to add something, so they’ve sent me some cards:

Doug Haring, “Glory”, 1999. Oil on canvas.

This is apparently the weirdest postcard my mom has found so far, and that’s why she sent it. It’s a painting that was featured in my hometown’s little art museum. It is an awfully weird painting. The big white scratches are from the post office machines, not part of the original weirdness. I wonder why a postcard traveling from Pennsylvania gets more beat up than one traveling from Hong Kong, or Croatia, or Siberia?

The second card is a picture postcard of Chicago, where my parents stopped when they were on the way home from visiting my sister. I’ve been to Chicago once, but I don’t remember the sky being so purple!

Thanks, Mom & Dad! Keep the postcards coming!