Sometimes it can be really difficult to find a good selection of postcards at local shops. And sometimes you feel weird about bringing a short ton of postcards to the register. That’s when you have to go to the internet to get your postcards in bulk. But it’s hard to buy cards sight unseen, so I hope I can help by offering some reviews of postcards for purchase on the internet.

First up is this collection of postcards by Ray Fenwick, available on Amazon here, as well as many other places.picture from book is published by Chronicle Books, who make very nice postcards. They’re thick, large, easy to write on, and they are glued into the spine of the book, so there’s no fiddling with perforations. There are 30 postcards in the book, all different. The cards feature very wry or bizarre humor, but some are also simply beautiful. I like the cards that are beautiful, which are unfortunately few and far between the weird ones. Here are some of my favorite cards:

When I first flipped through this book, I was really disappointed at how many cards had somewhat hostile or creepy messages or images. I thought that I couldn’t send these to people, especially not people that I don’t know! I sent out a few of the friendlier-toned cards, then I got on the postcrossing forum to offer the ones that I considered most bizarre. I didn’t expect too many responses, but within hours I had people all over the world clamoring over many of the cards! So I sent these:

And they were really popular! I sent the card that I found the most unsettling as part of a swap-bot swap:

And the recipient loved it! I apparently massively underestimated how much people would like these cards. Despite my initial disappointment with the cards, I’m glad I bought them! Even though they are not to my taste, they are apparently to the tastes of many other people, and I’ve been able to trade them for some great cards from Hong Kong, Croatia, and all over the world. I probably will not buy them again, because I still have some misgivings about sending them to people and because I like to send different postcards every time. But if you’re in the market for a book that would appeal to people with a dark sense of humor, or people who like to receive the oddest cards possible, then I would definitely check this one out.

Nitty-gritty: This book is available on Amazon and lots of other websites. At Amazon, it’s $9.95 but it’s eligible for their 4 for 3 promotion, so if you buy three other things, you could get one thing free. If you bought three other Chronicle postcard books (many of which are also eligible for this promotion) you could get 120 cards for about 25 cents each, which is not bad at all.

Pictures: Cover picture from here, all other pictures are scans from the book.