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It is not often that a postcard unnerves me, but this one does exactly that:

This is a postcard from Manyee, from Hong Kong. It shows a plane flying very close to the tops of buildings in downtown Kowloon City. Apparently, the old Kai Tak airport was surrounded by mountains on one side and the city on the other. Manyee writes that it was hard for the planes to land, but “Luckily, the professional pilots did a great job on that, few accidents happened at that time!” Oh good!

I know that there are many places where space dictates that planes come in for a landing practically on top of people’s heads. It’s just amazing what people will do when there is limited space! I imagine that if a plane was coming this close to a city in the US, the phones at the Department of Homeland Security would be ringing off the hook. How privileged we are that we can put our airports far away from our tall buildings.