I finally have enough postcards that I felt that I needed some way to display them and show them off, rather than having them in a pile on my desk. I had a conveniently blank wall in front of my desk, so I arranged my cards there:

These are all the postcrossing cards I’ve received so far, and they fit quite well in the space. There is still some room for more cards, and when I fill up the wall, I’ll reserve the space for only my favorite cards, and I’ll keep the rest somewhere safe.

Many people keep their cards in photo albums so that they are easy to look at but also protected. I like that idea except that postcards come in many sizes, so they can be hard to fit into a standard-sized photo album. Also, most photo albums and scrapbooks aren’t designed to show the back of the photograph, but the backs of postcards are at least as interesting as the fronts.

There’s a postcard display and storage method for everyone. How do you keep your postcard collection?