Lots of people on Postcrossing like postcards that feature planes or other vehicles. I picked these plane cards up when I bought the panda postcards (hooray combined shipping). One of the things I really like about the postcards I receive and the ones that I purchase is that they teach me something interesting about another culture, an animal, or something else that I’d otherwise have little to no reason to learn about. If only my readings for school were in postcard format; I’d be learning those neural circuits like they were going out of style (and with ever advancing research, they kind of are. eep!) Anyway, here’s what I learned about these planes:

This is a B-2A stealth bomber. As you may have guessed, it was a bomber, and it was stealthy. Only 21 of them were made, probably because you don’t make a lot of planes when they cost $1 billion a pop. They have a maximum speed of 630 miles per hour, which isn’t too fast, but I guess you don’t have to be fast if you’re stealthy.

This postcard from the Naval Air Station shows an A-6A Intruder, which is an attack aircraft. This one belongs to the Attack Squadron. They seem big on attacking. Also, I learned that attack aircraft are designed to be good at fighting other planes in the air and hitting targets on the ground. How versatile!

This is an intimidating looking plane. Just look at those huge engines! This reconnaissance plane holds the airspeed record for manned jet aircraft. How fast is that? 2,193 miles an hour. That’s more than 3 times the speed of sound, or more than 31 times as fast as you can drive on the highway in West Virginia. You pay a price for that speed, though. They built 32 of these, and 12 of them crashed. Whoops.

This is an F-5E fighter plane. They served in the Navy. I don’t know why some planes are Navy planes and some are Air Force planes.

The F-14 was another fighter plane. This one is taxiing on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy.

These two planes were competitors in the US Air Force Advanced Tactical Fighter competition. The 22 won because it was more agile. Only two of each of them were built, though. Both of these planes could travel at more than twice the speed of sound.

The F-15 was a series of fighter planes, designed to fight other planes in the air. That’s pretty boring, except that some F-15s were modified to take out satellites. Satellites don’t have many defensive capabilities, but they’re also in space, where planes don’t typically go. The satellite-destroying plane program was ended in 1988, and they only took out one satellite (no one was using it).

I’m looking forward to sending out these cards to some plane-loving postcrossers!