One of my new acquisitions this week is a set of 5 panda postcards:

This last one reminds me of my dog, Snickers. One thing my dog and pandas have in common is that they love to eat! Pandas eat about 20-30 pounds of bamboo each day. And even though both pandas and Snickers belong to the order of carnivores, they love to eat non-meat things. Pandas eat primarily bamboo, and Snickers eats primarily whatever his curious little nose can reach, like half a dozen unattended cinnamon rolls!

These pandas are just part of the new postcards I received this week, and they’re only the first in a group of very cute animal cards that I want to share with you! I want to start sending these out in swaps or as postcrossing officials, but I also don’t want to let them go; they’re too cute! I’ll probably admire them for a while, then send them out to spread the love around the world.

Postcards: Florida Splendid China, Kissimmee, FL, designed and produced by China Travel Advertising, H.K., Ltd.