I have two more official Postcrossing cards going out this week; one to Slovakia and the other to the Czech Republic. And to think, just 19 years ago, they would be going to the same country. Here’s what I sent:

US-1335330 to Slovakia

US-1338764 to Czech Republic

I hope the recipients like them. Sometimes I have difficulty deciding which card to send, so I just have to cross my fingers that it will be well received. I apparently choose well for this card to Spain, which was received this week:

US-1317342 to Spain

This is one of my favorites, and apparently many other people’s, too! I’m always glad when I can choose a card that’s a hit.

Postcards: US-1317342 and US-1335330, from Hi! postcard book, by Ray Fenwick, published by Chronicle Books, 2009.

US-1338764, from Rex Ray postcard book by Rex Ray, published by Chronicle Books, 2008.