This week I won some ebay auctions for some vintage Oregon and Washington postcards:

High School, Everett, Washington

Ogden Canyon, Utah

Court Hotel, Portland, Oregon

High School, Ashland, Oregon

hot air balloon

Donahue Monument, San Francisco, California

So, they’re not all Oregonian postcards, but they are mostly Pacific/Northwest. I’ve never been to the Court Hotel in Portland, but apparently it’s on the register of historic places. I’ll have to check it out when I go downtown.

I’m not sure when these postcards were printed, but guess how much stamps were back then?

One cent! And just 2 cents for foreign destinations. Everything else being equal, if postage was only one cent today, I’d be sending a lot more postcards!

Now I debate whether to send these out to postcrossers or keep them pristine. I have duplicates of both the high school cards, so I will probably write on and send those. That’s the problem I have with the vintage cards; do I try to keep them perfect or are they just as valuable to a collection when they’ve been written on? I’m sure opinions differ.

Hot air balloon (CT1361): published by Clifford Scofield Productions, Chesire CT

Ashland High (1601), Everett High (2763), Ogden Canyon (884), Court Hotel (1024), Donahue Monument (2087): published by Edward H. Mitchell, San Francisco